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Published on 3 October 2020

​[1] T. Choi, "5GCHAMPION: 28 GHz 5G proof-of-concepts at 2018 Winter Olympic Games," FG IMT-2020 Workshop and Demo Day: Wireline Technology Enablers for 5G, Geneva, Switzerland, 7 Dec. 2016.

[2] 5GCHAMPION will co-organize with Flex5Gware, 5GMiEdge, and MiWaves projets a half day workshop on "Prototyping 5th Generation Cellular Wireless Technology" in the frame of EuCNC conference, Oulu, Finland, 12-15 Jun. 2017.

[3] 5GCHAMPION workshop on "5G Test-Beds & Trials - Learnings from Implementing 5G (5G-Testbed 2017" in the frame of Globecom conference, Singapore, 4-8 Dec. 2017.

[4] "EU - Korea Symposium on 5G", Seoul, Feb. 2018.